How to turn $20 dollars to $1K guaranteed and add buyers list using bonuses from an IM leader.

20to1kSo you have a great software product to sell, have made your squeeze page enticing and then what? You need TRAFFIC. Yes there are a hundred ways to get traffic. The paid ones are the quickest to get results. Facebook traffic, PPC, Solo ads are just few of them, but if you are a newbie, you can easily burn a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing. Posting an ad in a Warrior Forum is another way to get hundreds of views but the competition there is massive as well so your page 1 spot easily goes down to page 2 then to oblivion in a matter of days so you need to bump your ads again and again and boy it will cost you a lot of money if your ad is not converting at all. In other words, there is no guarantee for your investment. Not cool.

What if there is another way to get guaranteed instant traffic for a measly investment of $20 dollars to turn into $1K profit where you can access a great product as well but the secret sauce is the bonus from an IM leader whose reputation as an ethical marketer is beyond reproach. And what if you can repeat it again and again since the offer is evergreen, no time limit at all.

I have discovered and benefited recently from purchasing a low cost product ($10’s) but with a bonus for an agency rights or reseller rights of top-notch software from a respected IM developer marketer. He can do this for a limited time since they are after the cash bonus given by the vendor whose product they are promoting if they top the affiliate contest plus the recognition of being in the top of the leader board brings credibility to their guru status.

This time it gets better. Now that I have my own reseller products to sell, the missing link is the traffic. I have no list and I don’t want to do paid traffic being a newbie and the uncertainty of losing a lot of money.

The secret source is to find a bonus that will give you free access to instant traffic with ready marketers to see your offer. One such bonus I found and have success in using is the guaranteed offer of the respected IM marketer to email my chosen offer to at least 1,000 buyers and keep mailing to new buyers until you have guaranteed at least $1000 commissions. How good is that! And if you are a smart marketer, you can promote your own product in JV ZOO so you don’t only earned commissions but you gained buyers list as every buyer will be on your list if you have an autoresponder integrated in JV Zoo. So for a $10 product commission, you can have a buyers list of 100 people before they stop promoting your offer. Then you can rinse and repeat by buying the product again once you have a good product to promote.

Here is the offer. It is not my affiliate link. You may have seen this offer but have not given the attention it deserved. I just want to share this to my valued subscribers as I have found moderate success on this bonus and have repeated it the second time. Click the banner to get to the promo page. Note that the banner says $10 purchase needed but this is during the launch period and now they have made it evergreen and the updated price is now $20 but still a steal considering the bonus.

copypastebonus3Want more of the same but more pricey because the main product is a premium software?  Check this one too after testing the above bonus offer and have earned money >> . Focus on bonuses nos. 5, 7, 9,11 and 13 as they are all traffic generators leveraging the buyers list of the top 2 marketers. Do not underestimate this bonus as you are leveraging on the massive list of John Thornhill and his partner Dave. They are the real deal.

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