Is internet passive income really possible? See my case study below.

cbbannerI am not a believer of passive income. I believe there is no software that exists that can do all for you while we sit down and relax. Does it truly exist or it is just a myth?

So when CB Passive Income 3.0 claimed it is truly passive, I have to check it myself by buying the product and did some minimal free traffic promotion in my blog, Facebook and Pinterest.

No matter how impressive the concept of them doing the all the follow up promotions and the only thing I have to do is to drive traffic by giving free software or  information, I still have doubt it is possible until I check my Clickbank account. You see for 2015, I have zero checks in Clickbank simply because I shifted to JV Zoo platform. Now since joining CB passive Income, which you guess it, is using the Clickbank platform, I was pleasantly surprise that I have earned a pay check of $119.83, all coming from CB Passive Income since joining 2 months ago.





And the best thing about it, one sale has a recurring income of $21.24 for my one time investment. Not only that, I have also gained email about 35 subscribers. It may not be much, but hey it is all passive and I have not really done any paid ads, just free traffic from social media. I am now gearing towards upscaling my ads so I can rinse and repeat this little success.



Remember, they are also promoting other offers for life to your free opt in subscribers using a proprietary software that clones their business and your business. How cool is that.

So how easy it is to generate traffic? You are giving 5 free gifts covering Affiliate marketing software, Mobile Apps, List building, Facebook marketing, and Lead generation. These are 5 in demand hot topics in the make money niche. Where and how to get traffic is also part of the training in the membership area. So everything is covered.

Here are the free gifts you can give to generate opt-in subscribers and the rest of follow up emails and other promotions will be up to them. That is the “passive” part.


In a nutshell, my experience with this program is that making passive income from the internet is possible because you are cloning Amazons bestselling author’s proven entire marketing system and get him to “work” for you, for free. It becomes the ultimate “plug and play”. Click here to check this turnkey system.

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