Increase email open rate by 400% using FB Notification platform

The biggest problem with email marketing is that it is very inefficient. As a business owner or marketer of your own products, you are going to spend a lot of time list building using emails.

In fact, generally over 80% of all the effort you put into email marketing is a total waste. Let me elaborate : Lets say that you create a squeeze page to build a list, you use Facebook ads, solo ads, or some other way to send traffic to your squeeze page and it gets a respectful conversion of 50%. Lets say you send 2000 views to the page at a cost of 25 cents each. So you spend $500 and now you have a list of 1000 subs. So now your thinking great. I spent some money buy I also have a nice email list of interested people, I’m sure to make my investment back and a healthy profit.

Well perhaps, but its not quite as sweet as you think it is. What you are forgetting is ‘open rate’. You see even a good email campaign is only going to have a 15-18% open rate at best. That means when you send out an email to those 1000 subscribers only about 150-180 of them will ever even open the email. So in effect you dont have a list of 1000, you have a list of 180. The other 820 of your subscribers will never open your emails, they are a total wast of effort and of your money.

So why are such low open rates standard? There are a few reasons by among the top ones are: fake email , or typo in email entered into the opt in form, people opting in get so many emails that yours just get lost in the crowd, emails bounce and you auto responder removes them from your list .. and others.

When I started internet marketing I noticed had these exact problems. I was spending my time and my money to build a list only to discover that the vast majority of that effort was a total waste.Well wasting 80% of my efforts (and my ad budget) was not acceptable to me and it should not be acceptable to you. So I created a way to get peoples real, valid email 100% of the time AND to not only be able to email them, but to also be able to send them Facebook notifications as an additional way to contact them.

Sending the notifications on Facebook is the key to awesome open rates. You see Faceboook has people trained to click that little red number on their site whenever a notification comes in. People open your messages without even thinking. By using Facebook notifications in addition to normal email marketing I have been able to get a huge increase in sales of my own products as well as drive additional traffic to my affiliate offers.

Click the link below to learn more about how Notification Pro can make your marketing efforts up to 400% more effective! Im 100% sure you will be glad that you did!



Notification Pro


  1. Alojamiento, 08 June, 2016

    Manicube used curiosity in their email subject line. We’re often asked to do something, but what happens when you ask people not to open the email?

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